Top 10 Questions to Ask a San Diego Home Decorator

Working with an home decorator when you want to restructure your home's interior will give you access to a large supply of resources and knowledge that is only available through an expert designer. Once you've chosen an decorator you want to work with and have you'll want to set up an interview with the designer of your choice and ask the following questions to ensure that they are the right person for the job.How long have you been an  interior designer?

Get as much information out of the person as possible with regards to their experience, training and even accreditation.
What type of interior decorating experience do you have?

Are there  interior decorating projects that you work on more frequently than others? Explain to they interior decorator the results would like to achieve with your current project.
What type of spaces do you have the most experienced decorating?

Do you mainly deal with residential decorating, commercial, living rooms, nurseries? You also want to be sure to look at the interior decorators portfolio. Be sure that his/her style reflects the results you expect so that there are no disappointments at the end of the project.
How do you charge for your interior decorating services?

This is an important question because some decorators charge flat fees for their services while others will set up payment schedules with you. You'll need to find San Diego interior decorators willing to work not only work with your budget but with your preferred method of payment as well. Moreover some interior designers will bill their clients halfway through a project or at other odd times so be certain that you know what you're getting into before you hire anybody.
As an interior decorator, do you require a full house investment or are you happy to work on my room?

This is an important question because there are designers out there who only do full house decorating projects so it's important to know where the San Diego interior decorator of your choice stands with regards to this. Discuss a master plan with this decorator as well so you'll have a blueprint of the plan and progress being made.
How long do you believe it will take you complete this project?

Some San Diego interior decorating projects take longer than initially expected or estimated due variables and the unforeseen. You'll want to know for certain whether or not an interior decorator plans on charging extra if projects go past their deadlines.
Is it possible to get what I want on the budget I had to work with?

You need to be very clear with the interior decorator your interviewing with when discussing budget and project expectations. Be sure that the decorator your talking to is willing to and/or is capable of meeting your expectations while working under the budget you have set aside for your project.
Do you ever use subcontractors for for anything or is the client responsible for hiring the construction crew?

Interior decorators that work with a designer construction crew should have completed background checks which is important when you're inviting people in your home for any reason. Check everybody out and make it clear that you will not welcome any member of any crew in your home unless they have complete a background check.
Will I receive different options to choose from?

All interior decorators operate differently. There are those who enjoy taking the reigns of a project and tell the client what they need for their home while others welcome their clients opinions and directions into the foray. You decide what type of interior decorator you want/need and proceed from there. If you simply have an idea that you want someone to execute hire an interior decorator that knows how to and has experience in bringing a project life without your input. If you want a more hands-on approach than you need a designer that's just the opposite.
Explain your contract or letter of agreement to me.

A written agreement protects both the client and the decorator from any unforeseen events. It also details the decorators fees and clarifies services that are going to be provided. You also want to be sure that the interior decorating contractor you're looking at includes an estimate of the projects overall cost as well as the expected deadline.

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