UV Blocking Curtains

Do UV blocking curtains spell the end of non-UV blocking curtains? In many countries, like Thailand, Malaysia and Bangkok the population prefers the blackout curtains as opposed to traditional curtains. Why is that, you may ask? Because those cities are very hot; and the people in those countries value smooth fair skin. That is why many of them wear hats whenever they are outside, and they want the protection inside their homes as well.

Regular curtains suffer because they don’t or can’t do the job. When the UV blocking curtains or blackout curtains outsell the regular curtains, you’d think the manufacturers would invent the curtains that are attractive as well as UV blockers. That hasn’t happened, and many in the curtain industry wonder why.

There is money to be made and most areas are crying for industries to fill their needs locally. Here in the United States, the population prefers smooth skin, but they prefer tanned healthy bodies rather than pale ones.

Considering our windows, there are many different options to shade the insides of our homes and keep the sun from ruining our furniture, carpeting or draperies. We rarely if ever consider tanning through our windows, so blackout curtains will probably not do well here.

However you can always use the blackout curtains in a television room. But how many have that option.

We can achieve the ability to block the sun’s rays from our homes by tinting our windows. Many of the new windows come with the UV tinting installed at the factory. So we have other options, but will it be enough? There may come a time when we want the UV-blocking curtains and only those curtains in our homes. It’s hard to judge the future as we search for ways to lower our utility bills and ways to keep our homes cool on those hot summer days. Blackout curtains may be the new trend.

For those dealing with other countries, where they don’t have the same options as those in the southwest states of America, the curtain and textile industry needs to step up to the plate. They need to develop new products to fill their customer’s needs, and if it is blackout curtains, then why can’t they make them attractive as well? It seems that someone is losing out here, and at this moment it is the customer.

While they lose one market, another steps up and takes its place even if the product does not satisfy the customer’s needs for beauty along with functionality. So get busy you inventors, there’s a new marketplace awaiting!

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