What Will You Do When the Job Goes Wrong?

In almost every single remodeling project something is bound to go wrong. What will you do when that happens? Will you call the contractor and cuss and yell at him or will you calmly tell the contractor what the problem is and then listen to him explain what can be done about it?

If you take the first course, then expect a reaction from your contractor. Many things can go wrong and many times the contractor is not at fault. So when you put the blame on your contractor and not let him explain you are being unfair and the reaction you expect may not happen.

It is a two way street, and it is the responsibility of the contractor to fix or at least explain delays. When he fails to do that, the customer then gets annoyed. However many customers expect too much from their contractors, and don’t give them the respect they deserve.

The best way to avoid problems from the very beginning is to interview more than one contractor. Find a contractor that is willing to do his part to do what his customer wants. Does he seem to only want your money? Does he show up on time for the first interview? If not did he call to tell you that he’d be late? Does he have a place of business or does he work out of his garage? Does he have a printed contract and is he licensed, insured and has Workers Compensation? Does he hire subs? Does he pay them when they finish their work and does he have paperwork stating so?

Finally does he have references? Go check out his work and talk to his customers. Do your homework. When a contractor has answered all of those questions to your satisfaction and given you a good price, then it is up to you, the customer. You’re part of the equation as well. Do you expect more than what was promised?

There will always be delays, whether weather, sickness, or sometimes when a contractor runs into problems unseen in the original contract, the contractor has no control over those things. For instance suppose you want a wall in your home removed and the contractor discovers it is a weight-bearing wall when you said it wasn’t. Whose fault is that? Yes, the contractor should have checked, but you weren’t accurate either. So be fair and hire a reputable contractor and you’ll both be satisfied with the job.

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