Window Cleaning Tips

One thing is for certain; no one ever notices your windows unless they’re dirty. Windows are the view to the world, but they do so much more than just provide light during the day. They keep the elements out and make your home secure all the time. They add a cosmetic beauty to your home that can’t be matched with old windows. When I was an eleven-year-old boy, I made up flyers and passed them around the neighborhood to see if anyone wanted their windows washed. I wanted to make extra money, so I was hoping to get a call. The Headline for my flyer was “I Don’t Do Windows”. I got my first call and went to the ladies home and I got the job. Have you ever tried to clean windows? Let me share my experience with you. I was all excited to start my first day of work cleaning windows. I bought all the equipment and went inside to clean the inside first. After hours and hours of cleaning, I finally finished the inside and went to the outside. I cleaned the outside windows and when I was finished, my windows had so many streaks in them, I couldn’t tell whether the streaks were inside or out. So back and forth I went, inside, then out, inside, then out, until finally, the home owner said it was good enough… I think she was just being nice because I was just a kid and I was there all day. Today as an adult, I can only say one thing to you about cleaning windows. “Hire Someone Else to clean them!” There are window cleaning companies that specialize in cleaning windows for the home or office. The good news is that it will not cost a lot. To start your search for a pre-screened window cleaning company that you can trust. Go Here:

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