Window Solar Screens That Save

The only thing between you and the blast of cold air in the winter or the heat of the summer sun are your windows. Unless you have the new style windows that have double panes with sun shields between the glass, you will have to rely totally on the window coverings you install. But wait; there are a couple of options here that will save you between 10% and 20% and possibly more on your heating and cooling bills. At the same time you will add style with these energy efficient additions, and they will also increase the value of your home.

Plywood interior shutters from Sunburst Shutters are equipped to block UV rays and solar heat without cracking or warping. The solid shutters work to reduce heat transfer and the manufacturer claims that they are 70% more energy-efficient than your traditional wood shutters. The synthetic Polywood material will not fade, warp, or crack in the extreme heat. With exterior wood shutters add weather protection and also give you another layer of security.

Then the shades with the honeycomb within a honeycomb provide two more insulating air pockets. The manufacturer, Hunter Douglas claims the shades are far more efficient when you compare them with cellular shades. They can be customized and have a variety of features, fabric textures, and colors.

Another style of cellular shades has small air pockets between the layers of fabrics and traps air inside and reduces heat or cold flow. Insulated draperies offer another degree of efficiency depending on the fabric used. There are several types and fabric with colors that match or contrast with your color scheme. Liners are also available for the draperies.

Outside awnings also add to the solar heat gain in the summer as much as 77% especially those installed on west facing windows. The best types are custom made with tightly woven fabrics. The lighter colors work best to detract the sun’s glare.

Shades that open from the top of the window give you privacy and protection while allowing natural light to enter, and work well in bathrooms. Light blocking and cordless blinds are favored in children’s rooms where cords could be a safety issue.

There are many different styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from. If you want window coverings that offer a degree of energy efficiency plus privacy check out the online companies that offer both. It might be wise to install more than one type to give you more protection yet.


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