Beauty and Versatility:Wood Shelves In The Kitchen

It's very common in the new construction of homes for construction teams to choose plastic/vinyl instead of wooden kitchen shelves. This is mainly due to the fact that plastic kitchen shelves are much more affordable than their wooden counterparts but the fact remains that plastic is a big turnoff to many buyers and furthermore many buyers replace plastic shelves with wooden kitchen shelves soon after the purchase of a home.

One of the biggest reasons wooden kitchen shelves replace plastic shelves is due to the fact that real wood shelves are much more attractive than their plastic counterparts. Additionally wooden kitchen shelves can be stained to match any existing decor already in the kitchen and the marvelous eye-catching detail of wood grain running through properly cut wooden shelves are always pleasing to the eye. Even more important than aesthetics is the fact that wooden shelves and cabinets last roughly 30 years while plastic can wear and require replacement after just a few short years. This isn't the type of project most homeowners will want to revisit on even a semi regular basis.

Individuals who purchase a home will often replace plastic shelves and cabinets with wooden ones because wood is solid and offers a much sturdier finished product. There are no flimsy doors that rattle when moved when you're dealing with wooden kitchen shelves and dovetail drawers don't swell when they're made from wood.

One thing that contractors and even some homeowners often overlook is the fact that while wooden kitchen shelves are more expensive to install initially, it actually costs more to replace plastic shelves every few years. You get what you pay for and while you may pay more for wooden kitchen shelves at first remember that quality costs and always pays off in the long run.

Another interesting fact to keep in mind when dealing with wooden versus plastic kitchen shelves is the fact that wooden kitchen shelves and cabinets systems are far stronger, more rugged, and can bear much more weight than those made of plastic. The added strength and weight capacity of wooden shelves allows for greater stocking which makes things much more convenient when somebody goes to cook in a kitchen.

There are four big things that all homeowners to keep in mind when they're considering adding wood shelves to their kitchen.

Always keep in mind that a proper shelving system should be designed and constructed so as to accommodate a great number of items. Secondly shelving installed in kitchens should be planned and built so as to accommodate the owner's immediate needs first. Third, precise measurements of height and width should be taken well before any purchasing, construction or installation begins. Lastly it's important to remember that shelves should be designed to meet the desires and needs of a homeowner and not the designer or any contractor a homeowner may be working with.

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