Would you be Content in Your Guest Room?

If your answer to that question is ‘NO’ then get busy, you’ve got some work to do. If remodeling is out of the question there is a lot you can do that will just take elbow grease and not a lot of cash.

First critically examine your guest room. Is the carpet a mess? If you can’t replace it, at least clean it or hire a professional carpet cleaner to do the job. Do you have wood flooring in the room? Then clean it thoroughly and add a couple of throw rugs.

How about the walls, are they faded and is the wallpaper outdated? Then paint the walls and either replace the wallpaper or wash it down. There again it takes only your elbow grease to get the job done.

Go to the bed, not in it, but check the bedding. Wash what can be washed and dry clean the spread to assure cleanliness. New pillows would be a good investment as well, and after your guests leave exchange them with the ones on your own bed. Plenty of warm blankets may be a good idea, but make sure they’re clean.

Now look at the windows. Clean them inside and out. Wash curtains and/or draperies. If the room has louvered blinds, dust them and wash them if they’ve been up there for any length of time. Is there a shade on the window? If not, some type of blind, shutter or shade is necessary for privacy.

Is there room for a chair in the room? Even a dining chair would be better than none. A mirror is another essential, and if none is available, a hand mirror may have to suffice. Is there a bureau in the room? A couple of empty drawers would be helpful.

Once the room is totally clean, make sure the light bulbs work. And back to that privacy, a lock on the door would be nice. Are there pictures on the wall? If not, remove some from another room if possible, or invest in a couple. Shop at a couple of thrift stores for objects that would make your guest feel at home.

Other articles like a favorite book, a radio, clock, fresh flowers, wastebasket, and personal pictures especially if the guest is included in them.

If the guest shares a bathroom with other occupants, give them clean towels, and wash cloths for their personal use.

The most important things to remember that your guests will appreciate would be cleanliness, comfort and above all privacy.

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