You’ll Want to Use Your Garage For More than Storage When You Prepare it with Epoxy Based Paint

Your garage could be used for more than storage, but if the flooring is a mess, you’ll have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Think of it – a place where your kids can play; or a place for your pool table; or a place to entertain; or just an additional room. If you’re outgrowing your house, and you’ve used the garage as a place to store junk, you’re missing a wide-open space by not using your garage.

The first thing after the junk is all gone is to clean your garage floor. Then splash some water on it and if it puddles it probably has been treated with a sealer. If the water is still there after a few minutes, you’ll need to prepare the concrete before continuing. You can break down the sealer or etch it before you apply the coating.

It isn’t really hard to do but if you take the time by applying a concrete etching solution, your floor will be ready for a thorough cleaning. The next step is by installing the garage floor covering. Your garage floor will be protected and look good at the same time, and when any area of your home looks good, you’ll likely want the rest to follow.

There are many garage floor coverings and one of the most popular is the epoxy-based paint. They come in a variety of colors and when you add flaking materials that are normally stone; it gives more traction to your flooring and protects it as well.

The high-grade epoxy repels water, oil and many other materials and it also resists the contaminants that destroy garage floors, and they’re easier to clean than concrete. Read the directions on the epoxy based paint and after you’ve applied it allow it to dry.

When you see how attractive your garage floor looks, you’ll want to continue to make the room energy efficient. Weather strip around all windows and doors so when winter hits, your garage will stay warm and comfortable even if you’re using the area as a workshop.

Make the garage your first project around your home, and start with the garage flooring. The vast improvement from the epoxy-based paint encourages you to continue throughout your home. Not only will you increase the curb appeal and value of your home, it gives you pride of ownership that converges to the entire neighborhood.

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