Casper Disappearing Screens

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    Casper Disappearing Screens are highly sought after because they literally “disappear” when they are not in use! The most common uses for our invisible screens and the advantages are… Front Doors – Home and business owners wish to have the option of insect-less airflow through their front door, but do not want a permanent screen covering the view of their business name or decorative door. Sliding Glass Doors – Glass doors are meant to be seen through. A permanent screen substantially diminishes your view. Casper Disappearing Screens invisible screen doors allow you to see clearly and unobstructed through your glass doors! Double French Doors – Retractable screens are the only type of screen possible for double doors. They allow full coverage of the space when both doors are open, and can also provide screening for just one side at a time, when desired. When not in use, they are not obstructing the view out through French door windows, or covering up decorative doors. House-to-Garage doors – Homeowners often want to be able to keep their door to the garage open without allowing flies and other insects in. A Casper Disappearing Screen allows this privilege, and can also be retracted away, eliminating the hassle of a permanent screen during everyday use. Condo doors – Many Home Owner Associations forbid installation of permanent screens on condominium or townhouse doors. HOA’s approve Casper Disappearing Screens because they do not alter the look and conformity of the doors! Windows – Not only do Casper Disappearing Screens provide a perfectly clear view through windows when not in use, but our retracting window screens also stay very clean due to the protection of their housing during weather conditions. Many homeowners also use our screens to allow passage of items through a window, for example food passed through a kitchen window to an outdoor barbeque. Push or Wind-out Windows – There is finally an option for screens on push-out or wind-out windows! These windows typically go without screens because they must be manually operated. Our retracting window screens can allow manual operation while keeping the insects out!


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