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    Products and Services Doctor Piper offers and installs energy efficient plumbing products that saves you money. We are customer service oriented. Our technicians will show on time and keep your home neat and clean. What Do You Specialize In? FlowGuard ennergy efficient pipes Repipe We offer a complete replacement of the water distribution systems in buildings with FlowGuard Gold CPVC, PEX, or copper pipes. We are experienced with both residential and commercial systems. learn about different options Tankless water heater Tankless Water Heaters On demand (tankless or instantanious) water heaters provide hot water only when needed, for as long as needed. Doctor Piper is authorized, trained, and certified to install and service.learn more about tankless Solar panels Solar Water Heating Hot water heated by the sun provides endless savings compared to conventional ways of heating water. With six different product lines to choose from, we provide you with more options to choose from then any other solar installer.see solar options Solar panels Solar Photovoltaics (PV) Doctor Piper is California licensed solar contractor. We offer The energy coming from the sun can be captured and transformed to electricity, powering our homes and businesses for free, for years to come.learn more about solar PV


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