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    Woodwork Creations was founded by Mark Orman in 1995 in his garage in Temecula, California. A few years earlier, he’d sold his first business, a wood furniture manufacturing operation which he’s started with a friend while still in high school. He’d learned the woodworking trade as a preteen, sweeping floors in a cabinet shop. Now he missed the creativity and sense of craftsmanship that comes from creating fine wood furniture and running your own business. With Woodwork Creations, Mark started small, selling his first pieces at the Orange County Market Place, a local swap meet. When prospective customers requested custom furniture to fit their media niches, Mark recognized a market need. He began employing family members to meet the demand for furniture that couldn’t be found anywhere else: sister Jackie headed up the sales effort, brother Grant oversaw delivery and installations, and father Jerry was in charge of swap meet operations.

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