Use and Abuse Policy

Guidelines and Abuse Policy for Business Ratings and Reviews

  1. You can submit only one rating/review per business.
    1. Please allow 2 to 3 days for reviews to appear on our website, subject to this policy
    2. You can edit, delete, or check the status of your existing ratings and reviews at any time. In the reviews section, a note will appear with the review if it is “pending approval” or “not approved for publication” with a link to see this policy.
  2. By submitting your rating and review you grant us permission to publish your rating and review.
  3. Reviews can be screened for content and must conform to the Guidelines and Abuse Policy. We reserve the right to remove any rating and review that does not conform to policy.
  4. Reviews that are not acceptable according to our Guidelines and Abuse Policy can be reported through the Report Abuse link available next to each review. Our staff will review all reports of abuse and remove those that violate policy.
  5. Abuse policy –
    1. Profane, obscene, abusive, offensive, objectionable, unintelligible language.
    2. Adult material, including graphic images, written images, URLs, or links.
    3. Negative comments about individual employees, including names.
    4. References to another company, whether by name, domain name, trademarks or service marks.
    5. References to another review, particularly one that has been deleted by the writer or removed due to policy violation.
    6. Time-sensitive information, such as a negative service experience that happened two years ago.
    7. Criticizing a business without having done business with them or without providing specific product or service insight. You can provide details about your actual customer experience by editing your review on our site.
    8. Malicious intent, including misrepresenting an actual customer experience.
    9. Mistaken identity, which can be caused by more than one business using the same or similar business name, or different franchise or store locations.
  6. You cannot review a business without prior direct experience with the business.
  7. Use of HTML or other code in a review is prohibited. Also, URLs or web links cannot be used.
  8. SPAM and hijacking are prohibited.
  9. The opinions expressed in the review section of our site are solely the opinion of each individual reviewer and do not reflect approval or endorsement by us.
  10. Use of our webThe following content may be considered abusive and lead to removal of the rating and review: site is subject to our Website Use Agreement