What We Do

Who Are We?

We are an Orange County based privately owned company with over 10 years experience in the home improvement industry.

Our Company Mission.GroupShot_7_1_14

To make the process of connecting homeowners and home improvement companies easier.

The Values We Live by.

  • We are PASSIONATE about our CUSTOMERS and will FIGHT for their rights
  • We CARE for, and RESPECT each other
  • We live by HONESTY and INTEGRITY
  • We take individual RESPONSIBILITY
  • We are all ACCOUNTABLE

Why We Love Local Businesses.

  • We believe local online businesses provide a better shopping experience than large national “out of touch websites”
  • We believe local business owners are best qualified serve their communities
  • We believe successful local businesses are key to job creation and a strong economy
    We Specialize in San Diego.

We are the only website that focuses on providing trusted home improvement service providers only for San Diego. We have a team whose only job is to search the county for the finest Home Improvement companies and connect them with home owners who are looking for a trusted, reliable professional service provider.

We Specialize in Home Improvement.

We only focus on home improvement – defined as anything and everything for your home. So, on this website you will find everything you need to make your life in your home better and more enjoyable.

We are Free to Consumers.

The website is free for all consumers to search the products and services they are looking for.
We charge a nominal fee for some Service Providers.

Some service providers on the website pay a small monthly fee to cover site maintenance, search ranking costs, and other business related activities.

We only promote selected companies – all of whom we have personally met.*

Our Certified and Certified Diamond Service Providers have been closely reviewed, scrutinized and screened for your benefit. *Applies only to Certified and Master service provider categories.

We are a Trusted Source of Information.

All our Certified and Certified Diamond service companies have to pass a pre-screened checklist to ensure they meet the quality, professionalism and integrity standards we have set as well as many other quality standards. So readers can use our site with confidence – knowing that these firms have gone through our Pre-Screened Checklist and Certification process.